I was a humanitarian aid worker (also spent a lot of time in international community development) for nearly 30 years.  It was a great and unexpected career. I am extremely grateful for the experience and exposure the career brought me.

But now it is over. As a 58 year old man with a young family and many passions and interests I have decided to create a life after aid.   In these posts I share my journey, that of others and hope that it can be of assistance to others who want to make the leap but are nervous about ‘what’s next?’

I’m sure there are lessons and experiences I’ve had in my international career that apply to any career and industry.  It is really about making a decision in favor of yourself and gathering the courage to move out of our comfort zones.

Please feel free to interact and share your own experiences.  Welcome!



  1. Abdikadir Mohamed Hassan · December 10, 2015

    Its worthy having such a wealthy experience all over the world and i wish i got such experience and work to save world in every way i could.


    • Mr Harmonium · December 10, 2015

      thanks for the kind words but I’m afraid I didn’t save the world! played a small part in some peoples lives is all I hoped for!


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